21 Ways to be a Daily Healer

We are all natural healers, when we speak and act from love and caring. Fear causes our problems and love is the answer and the solution. One of my quotes is, “Love is the universal antidote for the poison of fear.”

 I still remember my teachers in elementary school who were kind and caring, and that was a very long time ago. How about you?

One person can make a difference. For example, when I lived in New York, I realized that one nice, caring, positive taxi driver could easily touch many people. The person who leaves his cab feeling better is likely to share that caring with others in his office. Then they all go home and express it with their loved ones, and so on.

Caring words and actions can, in a sense, “defeat gravity”. Imagine a long line of lying down dominos moving back up. Each domino is pushing up the other, to stand straight and tall. It has a snowball effect.

Likewise, you can also, touch more people than you will ever know, by the following suggestions. Just remember my quote, “Focus each day not on what you accomplish, but how much love and caring you express to others and yourself.”

 The following are 21 ways to be a daily healer, and make a difference in your life and others.

  1. Set your intent to choose to live from love. It is helpful to put your hands over your heart to remember to speak and act from your loving part.
  1. Share your love non-verbally. Some examples are a smile, a nod of your head in acknowledgment, or an act of kindness such as opening the door for someone.
  1. When you walk or drive by people, think loving words. For example “Bless you!”
  1. Look to compliment people. For example, “I like your dress, or tie.”
  1. Think about someone with loving, positive thoughts. Your thoughts are powerful, and they can make a positive or negative difference.
  1. Share your loving thoughts with everyone you can. For example, “I was thinking of you.”
  1. Tell people who are interested about your positive insights, solutions and growth. People can learn from your experiences, and they can be very grateful for the opportunity to benefit from them.
  1. Say something kind and caring to people you know or do not know. Remember to tell your loved ones, “I love you!”
  1. Tell everyone that you appreciate them for specific things about their actions or words. For example, “Thank you for helping with the dishes.” “I am grateful for your support.”
  1. Give to others unconditionally, which means you are not expecting anything in return. Give for the sake of giving which feels very good to them and you. Also, allow yourself to receive.
  1. Accept that we are all doing the best we can with the information that we have.

Be patient with others and yourself.

  1. Create win-win solutions, so that everyone feels good about the results.
  1. Spend quality time with others, and they will feel important to you and worthy of your attention.
  1. Perceive your job or career as a service (which is coming from caring), rather than just work. Feel grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives.
  1. Tell your truth in a loving, positive way. For example, “I appreciate when you call me if you will be late.”
  1. Look for the humor in what happens and help others laugh. Remember it is only funny if everyone involved is laughing.
  1. Honor and respect everything and everyone, including you.
  1. In difficult situations, listen to your intuition to know what to do for your highest good. Your intuition comes totally from love and wisdom.
  1. Forgive people for their mistakes or negative behavior. We all make mistakes, and we can learn from the experience.
  1. Be supportive of what people choose to do. Remember that they are not you. We are all unique individuals, here to live our unique lives.
  1. Trust that you do make a difference when you act from love and caring.

Copyright 2015 by Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, LMFT