5 Minutes A Day To Happiness

101 Truths Set You Free

(Excerpts from the book,“5 Minutes a Day to Happiness, A Practical Workbook of Transformational Insights & Solutions for Healing, by Helene Rothschild, LMFT)

When Glen realized the truth about commitment, it no longer frightened him, and he was finally willing to ask Sherry to marry him. Cindy’s life was much more fun after she discovered new definitions for play. Steve found himself more at ease at work and at home when he realized he could simply demonstrate his love and skills rather than try to prove himself.

Jan and Bob had a happier marriage and family when they began to see their children, communication and problems in a different light. Kathy and Jim were able to conquer their addictions and have healthier bodies after they learned how to explore their underlying issues and resolve them.

Life is more fruitful, purposeful, and fulfilling when you have an “instruction manual” and a good “map”. Information and tools help you live to the fullest and experience love, joy abundance and inner peace. The purpose of this workbook is to provide people with effective, powerful, yet simple tools that can assist them in their healing by helping them get to the root causes of their problems.

These 101 truths and their related fill-in exercises can help you uproot negative thoughts and change them to positive ones. They can assist you to have a positive, loving attitude, and act as a kick-start for healthy and successful living.

Some examples of the 101 truths and one page empowering exercises are:

Addictions are anything I do in excess in an attempt to run away from or numb my pain.

Confusion is felt when two or more parts of me are telling me opposite things.

Happiness is loving and accepting myself and feeling peacefully powerful.

Money is wonderful to give and receive and a tool to help build dreams.

Success is an internal feeling of fulfillment, peace and power that comes from being who I am and doing what I truly want to do.

5 Minutes A Day to Happiness is a magnificent tool for growth and clarity. I use the truths as a way to guide me back to my heart center. The exercises are profound and move directly to the core of any issue and then out the other side with solutions and choices! I highly recommend this book! Candace McGinnis, MS, MsT, Co-director of Health Care Educator and Practitioner.

Copyright, 1997 & 2015 by Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, LMFT