5 Star Reviews for HART Book

5stars “Heal Your Heart – Heal Your Life”, January 26, 2007,
~The Rebecca Review

Are you ready to be happier, healthier, and more successful in every area of your life?

~Helene Rothschild

Reading “All You Need Is HART!” is similar to wrapping yourself in the most beautiful, warm, loving blanket of understanding you can imagine. Within the pages of this book, Helene Rothschild offers insight into beliefs and fears we need to address in order to balance our lives. By allowing the clearing out of negative emotions, we can embrace new positive beliefs that invite success into our lives.

This book will help you to:

fav Overcome Phobias
fav Heal serious physical problems by removing negative emotions
fav Understand the 20 fears that are blocking you from prosperity
fav Comfort yourself in times of conflict
fav Enhance your Self-Esteem
fav Overcome Addictions
fav Lose Weight
fav Create more financial success
fav Understand how to move from fear to love
fav Balance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life goals

Helene Rothschild’s transformational approach to life allows powerful positive thoughts to create a new reality. This goes beyond thinking positively and addresses specific areas of personal growth. A notebook or journal is helpful. Jotting down specific areas of conflict will encourage you to refocus on those areas in order to overcome fears and conflicts that may stem from childhood experiences.

“Addictions are what we do to the extreme in order to run away from our emotional pain caused by our negative decision. They are usually the symptoms and not the causes of our problems.” ~Helene Rothschild

I have recently been thinking about how much of our adult life is spent overcoming our childhood. Are you stuck in a pattern of negative thoughts and actions? What is holding you back from success?

Fun questionnaires, visualizations, insightful commentary, examples from real life and a thoughtful approach to conflict resolution makes this book essential reading. Some of the things you may find yourself doing while reading this book include:

  1. Writing down lists of things you want to change in your life to encourage more success.
  2. Encountering moments of enlightenment about what is really holding you back from success. I wrote down 12 things I need to change in the next year. I had a startling revelation on page 85 when I realized how something my father said to me as a teenager is still affecting how I think about my life today.
  3. Writing down goals for the next year! This book is excellent in this regard and it can help you plan out goals for an area of your life. This may include your career, relationships, sexuality, weight issues and health.

The affirmations in this book are especially healing. There is also a stunningly beautiful 8-page love letter that expresses the deepest heart desires anyone could ever feel or try to express. Rewriting the letter while including some of the topics of high concern could create one of the best love letters you ever give someone.

All You Need Is HART (Holistic And Rapid Transformation)” is truly based on accepting yourself and being brave enough to love who you truly are as a soul. Helene Rothschild gives guidance and presents a safe, comforting place of acceptance where you can grow, change and become more successful in every area of your life. I found this book to be a highly empowering read and I believe this book will change your life in dramatic and healing ways.

~ ~ ~

5stars Positive lessons and transformational tools presented in this upbeat and insightful resource. November 4, 2006
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

Written by Helene Rothschild, MS, MS, MFT, All You Need is HART: Create Love, Joy, and Abundance – Now! is an empowering self-help book that guides the reader through a process of Holistic And Rapid Transformation. Grounded in basic principles such as “our minds are like magnets and therefore we attract what we are thinking” and “what people say or do is about them and not you. You are okay no matter what people say or do!”, the HART process is a compassionate, self-esteem building, consciousness-raising philosophy to improving one’s mental, physical, and spiritual life. Sample exercises for the reader to perform or write answers to help reinforce the positive lessons and transformational tools presented in this upbeat and insightful resource.

~ ~ ~

5stars A Must for Individuals Seeking Real Life Changes. July 27, 2006
Reviewer: C. Warger (Reston, VA USA)

An excellent resource. The book describes the HART process, shows its application to real life issues (self-esteem, healing your body, romantic relationships, sexuality, parenting, communicating, releasing anger, problem solving, overcoming addictions, career, etc.), and then provides the HART tools for addressing one’s own issues. The examples ring true. It is a truly inspiring and helpful book.

~ ~ ~

5stars Create What You Truly Desire. August 10, 2006
Reviewer: Harmony Faith Blanchard (Sedona, AZ)

This is a very powerful, practical, and effective self-help book. It was written with the highest of intentions to touch and heal your heart and soul. Within these pages, Helene shares with us the HART Process, which was created from many years of valuable experience, unconditional love, patience, and wisdom. If you are truly looking to change your life for the better, this is the book for you! The exercises will assist you to discover and dissolve fears (conscious as well as subconscious ones) that are blocking you, so that you may quickly manifest what you truly desire through positive beliefs, unconditional love, and allowance. It works for me! Thank you Helene!!!

~ ~ ~

5stars First Self-help Book That Targets All The Main Issues. October 5, 2007. Reviewer: Celia Altschuler, (Puerto Rico)

Besides my other professional tasks, I’m a volunteer for young pregnant teens and I have also helped women who have suffered domestic violence. I have read many self-help books, but “All You Need is HART!” is the first one that targets all the main issues that should be dealt with in order to solve human conflict. It’s a good workshop or individual homework book. It can be a healing aid for our relations and improve our social environment. I encourage my friends to read it, for it can make a difference.

~ ~ ~

5stars This Book really has all that you need. July 22, 2006 (New Jersey, USA) Reviewer: Sunshine

I love this book. It is the best self help book I have used so far. It covers all areas of life and you can counsel yourself easily with the help of this book. When I get stuck I simply open this book up and do the exercises in them. The language in this book is simple and it helps you go right to the problem so you can resolve it.

~ ~ ~

5stars You’ll Love This Book Too! November 12, 2007 (France) Reviewer: Peter Shepherd, Psychologist, author of “Tools for Transformation.”

When the Beatles sang “All You Need Is Love” live in the first world-wide TV transmission, back in the late 60’s, it was one of the transformative moments of my life. No, I wasn’t cynical then and I still believe that message now – I’ve found it’s true so many times. So does Helene Rothschild, whose new book “All You Need Is HART!” exemplifies the transformative power of love in action.

HART stands for Holistic and Rapid Transformation, and that’s just what her book offers. It covers all the bases: success, self-esteem, healing your body, relationships, parenting, affirming your truth. With the infusion of love, all problems dissolve. The HART method is truly transformative and you’ll love this book too!

~ ~ ~

5stars Highly recommended. November 15, 2006
Reviewer: Sharman O’Shea Publisher, Holistic Hawaii Publications & Promotions (Honolulu, HI USA)

In her book ‘All You Need is HART!” Create Love, Joy and Abundance NOW!” Helene Rothschild offers up a unique guide to Holistic And Rapid Transformation. (HART)

Helene takes you on a journey to uncover the root causes of your problems. Then she lovingly guides you through her processes / exercises that help you raise your self esteem, allow yourself to succeed, heal your body and relationships with yourself and others, enjoy successful parenting, learn empowering communication, follow your inner guidance, overcome addictions, balance your life and overcome your fears.

Truly a “Manual for Life,” easy to use and understand, Helene’s book is full of exercises that help you transform every area of your life. From your relationships, your finances, your job, your health, Helene lovingly guides you, without judgment, to find the core decision that will lead you out of your past of hurt and trauma to a path of self discovery and healing, which supports you in your life’s mission, goals and aspirations.

When you are ready for transformation and success in every area of your life get a copy of her book read it cover to cover, take her success questionnaire and see what beliefs you have that support your success or beliefs that may be sabotaging your success. It may surprise you! Learn the Seven Major Keys to Success and transform your life into the life of your dreams.

Helene’s book radiates pure love. Even looking at the cover is positive, uplifting and heartwarming. Helene’s bubbly personality emulates from every page. Reading her book filled me with the possibility that I am pure love and that I can make a new decision to accept the blessing of success in every area of my life. Thank you, Helene, for this beautiful book.

~ ~ ~

5stars Resolution, Transformation, and Fulfillment, March 14, 2007 By Richard R. Blake (San Leandro, CA)

“All You Need Is HART” is a holistic guidebook to help, you, the reader experience a life of abundance. Issues covered in the book include: Raising self esteem, enhancing relationships, keys to success, overcoming addictions, sexuality, anger, parenting, and healing.

The author introduces several techniques she has developed in the HART program, self talk, visualization, and the use of affirmations. The effectiveness of the program is demonstrated through the use of case study examples. Each case is developed with a statement of the problem, suggested therapy, and the accomplished results. As a reader I was drawn into the narrative and eager to use the exercises, and affirmations as I recognized areas needing attention in my own experience.

Helene Rothschild is well qualified to author this important and unique manual. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Helene is founder of the Institute for Creative Therapy and has developed this well documented and thoroughly proven process. Rothschild has labeled this program of Creative Therapy (HART). Rothschild’s approach to unresolved personal issues has proven to be “Holistic and Rapid Transformation.”

This straightforward guide offers creative techniques for building healthy relationships, experiencing healing from physical suffering, as well as in areas of self discovery, inner growth and personal development.

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