All You Need Is H-A-R-T Sample Chapter

Helene’s goal is to assist people all over the world to “love themselves to peace” which she believes to be the key to health, happiness, success, and our greatest contribution to world peace. She has been a published author since 1985. Her newest book is a manual for life. The title is, “ALL YOU NEED IS H A R T!, Create Joy, Love and Abundance NOW!” A unique guide to Holistic And Rapid Transformation.


Chapter 1: All You Need Is HART!

You really can create love, joy, and abundance now! You do have what it takes to reach your desired goals. These can also be your success stories.

When Glen realized the truth about commitment, it no longer frightened him and he was finally willing to ask Sherry to marry him.

Cindy’s life was much more fun after she overcame her negative thoughts about playing.

Steve found himself more at ease at work and at home when he realized he could simply demonstrate his love and skills – he did not have to try to prove himself.

Judy overcame her fear of intimacy and is enjoying her new partner.

Jan and Bob had a happier marriage and family when they began to understand what their children wanted and needed, improved their communication skills, and learned how to solve their problems.

Karen and David decided to stay in their marriage after they resolved their personal and couple issues.

Barry and Lynn overcame their fears of success and were able to follow their dreams.

Katherine finally won the “battle of the bulge” and easily maintained her desired weight.

Kevin released his negative issues about money and was promoted to a higher paying position.

When Mary identified and released the negative beliefs that caused her to hurt her knee, she avoided an operation.

Jennifer’s back felt great after she released her stored anger constructively.

The HART process can also help you enjoy health, happiness, and success. Now is the time to create the reality you desire.

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