Empowering, Transformational Independent Studies

For Professionals and anyone interested in healing

“I have been providing psychotherapy for over a decade now and have always been searching for something impactful and real. HART is it! The technique is truly transformational and versatile.” Tony Medina, LMFT, Southern CA

The first two classes include:
HART I: Basic theory and processes, Raising Self-esteem, Releasing Fears of Success, Healing The Body, & Overcoming addictions.
HART II (Pre-requisite, HART I): More theory & processes, Romantic relationships and parenting, Healing the inner child, Weight & sexual issues, Career guidance, and dealing with suicide.

Required before registration: At least a 60 minute in-person or telephone consultation session with Helene to experience HART therapy. Make your payment for a 60 minute session and then contact Helene to schedule your appointment.

To complete a HART Independent Study and receive a certificate:
Review the CDs of each class. Submit 6 case studies of HART counseling sessions. Experience HART as a client by listening to Helene’s CDs of the specific topics covered in the class. Receive at least 75% correct answers to the self-evaluation test (required for therapists).

Fees include a textbook and manual or e-book manual, CDs or MP3’s of a previous class, and a 30 minute telephone session for each class  for questions, etc. with instructor Helene Rothschild.

Free tuition if you organize a group of at least 6 independent study students (including you).

Note: If you have completed a HART I & II class with Helene, you may review with the independent study for $250.  Contact Helene if you are interested.

The investment in your empowerment and increased healing services is: $595 for each 18 hour course.

Order HART I Independent Study: HART I ~ $595.00, or register for HART I & II for $1090 (save $100.00)

It is emotionally healing and empowering to learn the HART Therapy technique. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Annette, F. -

using the HART Therapy processes, I have experienced instant healing and transformational results with myself, massage clients, family and friends. It also works great with groups of any age. I love it!

Harmony Blanchard, Massage Therapist -