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When you listen to the gift MP3 file “Healing Your Body” teleclass‚ you will:

  • discover the emotional causes of illnesses and accidents.
  • be gudied through empowering processes to help you find out the messages your illness or accident is giving you so that you can heal yourself and maintain a healthy, strong body. (1 hour long)

Click here to listen to Helene’s HART Teleclass:

Listen to the Free March 6th HART Teleclass
The topic was “Holistic and Rapid Transformation” (HART) based on Helene Rothschild’s Amazon Best Selling book, “All You Need Is HART! Create Love, Joy and Abundance~Now!” A Unique Guide to Holistic and Rapid Transformation. Helene Rothschild will explain the HART basic principles and why it is so quick and transformational.

Click here to listen to Helene’s Readings and Healings Teleclass:

Listen to the April 3, 2008 Free Readings and Healings Teleclass
Helene has a background in science and she intuitively can scan your organs, glands, and energy centers (chakras) to uncover any emotional blocks which cause stress and dis-ease. She then can assist you to quickly release the negative energy on a cellular level so that you can reach all your goals and be healthy, happy and successful. Clients report feeling lighter, clearer, peaceful, loving and empowered.

Thanks, Helene, for creating the space for me to gain more clarity about a work related situation I had been struggling with for several weeks.

Emily, New Mexico -

I have experienced many counselors and healers and Helene is awesome!

Sandy, CA -

Helene I feel like my life is taking a shift and you have been a big part of this.
After our session, I felt like a huge burden lifted off of me by letting go of my ex.

Paula, Florida -

To my surprise, Helene helped me in five minutes overcome my phone phobia that I have been suffering with for 42 years. Needless to say, I am very grateful!

Kathleen S, AZ -

The two thirty minute telephone counseling sessions I had, with Helene Rothschild, were life transforming. Even after many years of therapy, I was experiencing difficulties in my work and interpersonal relationships. Issues related to being adopted, my family of origin and three failed marriages were creating conflicts for me.

Helene was able to clear away all of the debris from past wounds and decisions in these two short sessions. She assisted me in discovering where blockage existed and in a supportive, safe and loving way, allowed me to release years of pain. I am very grateful for the many gifts she possesses and for her willingness to share these gifts so abundantly.

Mac M., Counselor -

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