Transformational, HART Healing Training Classes

(To be available after pandemic. Independent Studies always available.)

For Everyone Interested in Healing (Note contents below.)

Feel Great & Help Others with HART (Holistic And Rapid Transformation)

Fun & Profound Class for professionals and anyone interested in enjoying more love, health, success, etc., and assisting others.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Helene Rothschild, developed this unique,

humanistic, holistic process. HART helps you to quickly get in touch with and

release self-defeating core beliefs, so that you can experience more health, happiness,

and success in every area of your life.

The 36 hour course includes the Basic HART Theory and Processes that help to:
* Raise Self-esteem * Heal the Body * Create Prosperity, *Be Slim
* Enjoy Healthy Sexuality & Relationships * Release Blocks To Success
* Overcome Addictions * Parent Successfully * Clarify Career Guidance
* Benefit From Constructive Communication and * Deal With Suicide

To complete a HART Training Program and receive a certificate:

Attend all classes or make-up up to 2 missed classes.
Submit 6 case studies of HART counseling sessions.

Enrollment is limited. Register now.

The investment in your transformational healing and professional enhancement is $40 an hour x 36 hours plus materials = $1490. ($1560 after  ______) Tuition includes a textbook, manual, eight hours of HART counseling sessions with the students, and much more!

(If class is outside of Santa Clara County, add $200 each for Helene’s expenses.)

Free tuition if you organize a class (in person or teleclass) of at least 8 students (including you).

Those new to HART are required to have a half-hour or more in-person or telephone transformational session with Helene to experience HART Therapy and prepare for the class. At least a 30 minute in-person or telephone consultation session with Helene to experience HART therapy. Go to: Counseling Sessions Then contact Helene.

Instructor Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, LMFT, earned her Master of Arts Degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California USA . She has been counseling in private practice as a licensed therapist and offering trainings for over 30 years.

Advanced Classes:

HART III: Counseling Couples.
HART IV: Counseling Children and Families.
HART V: Advanced Training & Supervision.
HART VI: Intuitive Counseling.
HART VII: Group Counseling.
HART VIII: Workshops & Businesses.
HART IX : Teacher Training, Basics.
HART X: Teacher Training, Advanced.

Completion of all ten classes and assisting in classes 1-8 may qualify you to become a HART Instructor.