About Helene Rothschild, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Best Selling Author of Self-help books on Amazon!

Helene’s goal is to assist people all over the world to “love themselves to peace” which she believes to be the key to health, happiness, success, and our greatest contribution to world peace.

She has been a published author since 1985. Her newest book is a manual for life. The title is, “ALL YOU NEED IS H A R T! Create Joy, Love and Abundance NOW!” A Unique Guide to Holistic And Rapid Transformation. It hit the Best Seller list of Self-help books on Amazon.com on November 14, 2007!

As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Rothschild earned a Bachelor and Master of Science Degree in Health Education at Brooklyn College, in Brooklyn, New York and she taught in High School for six years. She received a Master of Arts degree in Marriage, Family, Child Counseling from the University of Santa Clara, in Santa Clara, CA. For over 30 years she has been counseling, speaking, and teaching her unique therapeutic technique.

Helene has shared her unique ideas numerous times on radio and television (including CNN). She has also hosted her own local radio and television shows, lectured extensively, and facilitated many empowering classes, workshops and seminars on successful living.

All of her educational materials, classes, teleclasses, and services support her mission of helping people to feel more loving, peaceful, fulfilled, healthy, happy, and empowered. Helene is available for lectures and interviews. Click here for the media kit.

Helene is also Founder and former President of  Joyful Living is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Educational Corporation.  Joyful Living was founded in Sedona, Arizona in 1997, when she lived there. She now resides in San Jose, CA. In 2019,  she passed the organization on to now President, Harmony Blanchard, in Sedona, AZ.

Since its inception, Joyful Living has offered many educational services, including:

fav  Promoted a Solutions for Peace Essay Contest on the anniversary of 9/11. First, Second and Third place winners received gifts. The winning essay was sent to the President of the United States and the Arizona Congressmen, as well as numerous newspapers for publication.

fav  Donated thousands of her inspirational posters, cards, books, and tapes to numerous organizations including Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brother Big Sister, Healthy Families and Child Protective Services of Arizona, Sedona Charter School, and Girls Ranch, Inc. in Scottsdale.

fav  Hosted two radio shows which were simulcast on the Internet to help people all over the world.

fav  Published self-help articles with insights and solutions in numerous magazines and newspapers.

fav  Presented her HART training classes to counselors, nurses, and others interested in healing and growth.

fav  Assisted other people’s fund raising projects that were in alignment with our mission.

fav  Offered free professional services at some health fairs.

Helene has also touched millions of people with her many self-help, inspirational materials. She offers international telephone and in-person (at her office near Bascom and Hamilton Avenues, San Jose, CA 95128) counseling services.

Helene Rothschild, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Call: 1-888-639-6390 or send an email