What Interviewers Are Saying:

Thanks again for being a great guest. I would love to have you on again and I will be in touch.

Jacqueline Cartier, KGMI-AM Newstalk 790, Bellingham, WA -

Thank you very much Helene for being a wonderful guest on the show. I for one gained a new perspective on challenging issues in relationships.

Lisa Spencer, Vice President - Marketing, Communication360 on www.webtalkradio.net -

Helene was a delightful guest! A wealth of information with a refreshing “HARTfelt” approach to make change happen. Helene gave our listeners lots to think about as she discussed why affairs happen and how we can prevent this from happening. Our discussion generated lots of calls and we all learned something valuable.


Helene Rothschild amazed me on the radio show. It wasn’t just the academic knowledge, although you couldn’t ask for more from any teacher, it was the intuition and energy she possessed that made me literally rethink things that had been my beliefs and opened doors for me as to what I could accomplish within myself. Listening to what Helene teaches us and seeing how she used her knowledge in her own life gifts you with the keys for unlocking your true potential; a MUST experience!

David Reisig, Arizona -



Thanks so much for getting our Professional Development for Women conference off to a good start. During the day I noticed that most of the other speakers used your talk on a basis on which to build. They frequently referred to you and your material. Your insights were fresh, interesting and helpful. It was an honor for us to have you keynote our conference and a pleasure to work with you. I hope we will have other opportunities.

Kathryn Collins, Director -

For the past three years, Helene Rothschild has been among our most successful presenters at our annual conference/exposition, Network ’81-83. As part of programs which each included from 33-59 presentations, she has consistently been in the top six attendance draws.

Helene establishes instant rapport with her audiences, sending them away both motivated and informed. Her attitude is professional; she is dependable, cooperative, and is a valuable resource and liaison with other areas of the community.

Margo Landrum, President -

I want to thank you so much for being a part of the Young Adolescent Symposium. Your speech was terrific. Some comments people made on their evaluations of your presentation were: sincere. nice change of pace from most speakers, moving, liked approach/philosophy, superb techniques we all need to know, surprisingly effective, very personable. As you can see, you made quite an impression on the group.

Judy Eisenger, Coordinator, Children's Services Santa Clara Public Library -

Unity Testimonials:

Office Mannger, Unity of San Jose

Helene was highly prepared and ready to offer stories of her spiritual experiences as well as Divine insights making her a very enjoyable and enlightening speaker at the Father’s Day Sermon, June 18, 2017.

Helene Rothschild charmed our congregation with humor and great sharing and wisdom. She demonstrated the seven ways people often hug that were hilarious. Then she helped us experience a loving, spiritual hug. That alone was transformational. But there was much more. Her loving message was well delivered and received with a standing ovation. Her talk on “How to Have More Love and Peace,” was profound. As a Marriage, Family Therapist she has insights that help us quickly shift from fear to love.

Helene’s personal story of how she follows her spirit with no hesitation was inspiring. She refers to herself as an “Angel on Call Peace Pilgrim,” as her angels send her all over the world to serve. Helene’s mission is to help people to “Love Themselves to Peace,” which she believes is the key to health, happiness, success, and world peace. I am sure that your congregation will also love Helene and benefit greatly from her presentation.

Roberta Friedman, Office Manager, Unity San Francisco, May 18, 2008 -

Where have I heard that voice before? Oh, it’s the Fairy God Mother!! Helene channels the Divine Mother to all of us Cinderella’s. Gently coaxing, she spoon feeds universal principles to this rag tag gang. We sit enthralled, as she relates her experiences on the road of personal destiny. She makes good karmic behavior sound so simple, as we come into alignment.

An MFT, Helene interweaves the field of psychology with metaphysics. “Cleaning out the basement,” she calls it. A half hour later, we’re purring. Beaming enthusiasm, we’re ready to give it a try. With a “whoosh” and a wave (of her magic wand), off we scamper.

Personally, I would support workshops with Helene @ Unity Center. I look forward to more divine guidance through Angels.

Antonia Hamilton, Realtor -

A tool that can be put to use immediately. Lovely person, great message and value in presentation. Very eye opening. Made me look inside and realize a lot of things holding me back. I could listen to her all day. 🙂

3 Participants at CSIX -

What Readers Are Saying About “ALL YOU NEED IS HART!”

Your book is wonderful, Helene. It is clear, constructive, enormously helpful, and inspirational. I know it has the power to assist thousands of people.

Shirley Lovett, N.D. -

“All You Need is HART! takes you straight to where personal growth and development happen, and it does so with clarity, insightfulness, and compassion for those seeking life changes.

Cynthia Warger, Ph.D. -

Helene Rothschild’s Clients Speak Out About HART:

“Our counseling staff has witnessed the ‘miracles’ that happen every day using your HART process. One client said, ‘It feels like you just reached inside of me and took out all the pain’.

Ann Cunningham, Assistant Director, Desert Canyon Treatment Center, AZ -

Great burdens have been lifted from my wife and me. In just thirty minutes, your insights helped us make sense of our lives and enabled us to release the pain that was dragging us down. We’ve found a new source of wisdom and strength within ourselves. Our marriage has also grown closer–more compassionate and more patient. Thanks again!

E. M., CO -

After one session I was no longer diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease. Thank you Helene for helping me know and feel that I can be healed, and that strength can be gained from shedding old wounds and self-blame. You have great insight and understanding!

L. M., IN -