Topics of Discussion


  • How Owners and Realtors Can Sell Homes
  • 7 Ways to Prevent Infidelity
  • 12 Vital Relationship and Marriage Vows
  • The Biggest Mistake Men/Women Make in Relationship
  • Come Close but Stay Away! We Drive Each Other Crazy!
  • The Seven Keys to a Fulfilling Relationship
  • Love is Not Enough
  • Close Your Eyes and See Clearly
  • A Degree in Intimacy
  • Why Opposites Attract and the Problems to Resolve
  • Why You May Not Be Enjoying Your Sexuality
  • How Can Problems Be Resolved?
  • The Truth About Anger
  • Why You Feel Guilty


  • Dare to Be Slim!
  • 12 Fears of Being Your Desired Weight
  • Win the Battle of the Bulge

  • Seven Major Keys to Success
  • Dare to be Prosperous!
  • 12 Reasons Why We Push Money Away
  • Why We Sabotage Our success and Abundance
  • How to Know What Career to Pursue


  • How to Heal Your Body
  • Your Body is Talking to You. Are You Listening?
  • The emotional causes of disease
  • What Your Illness or Accident is Trying to Tell You
  • Ways to Stay Forever Young
  • How to Overcome Addictions
  • 7 Keys to Being Stress Free


  • 6 Guidelines to Successful Parenting
  • What Your Teen-ager Wants and Needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the divorce rate, obesity, violence, illness, and drug and alcohol abuse on the rise?

Helene Rothschild believes that these are symptoms of personal problems and if we change our focus to the causes and prevention, we can improve our society. She has developed insights and solutions that can help anyone live a healthy, loving, successful life. Rothschild has developed a unique process she calls, HART which stands for Holistic And Rapid Transformation. It quickly helps people to get in touch with and resolve their issues.

Why are many of our schools unsafe and why are students dropping out?

Many years ago, Rothschild discovered that people were not taught how to deal with their fears and anger and communicate constructively. Nor did they learn how to create a healthy relationship and be a successful parent. She is the author of about 85 educational products to assist people in all areas of their lives.

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