20 Personality Types E-Check-up/Questionnaire


The questions are designed to help you recognize your predominant types. Find out whether you are a thinker or feeler, talker or non-talker, action or reaction, and much more. Then review the summary and suggestions that can assist you to experience more balance and success in every area of your life. 16 pages.

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Would you like to better understand yourself and others so that you can improve all your relationships, choose the right career, and experience more success and happiness in your life?

During the many years Helene Rothschild has been a Marriage, Family Therapist, she discovered that helping her clients recognize others and their own personality types was very valuable. She offers these insights and solutions to you to enhance your life and increase your success.

Understanding your own naturalness and that of others can help you release judgments, fears, guilt, and anxiety. You are then apt to experience more acceptance, love, inner peace and harmony. All your relationships are likely to improve and your clarity can help you choose your appropriate career.

If you think about it, generally your friends are a lot like you. However, often your successful partners (business or romantic) are the opposite personalities because you balance each other. Once you understand this concept, you can appreciate each other’s strengths and work as a team. It is important to realize that everyone is okay just the way they are.

The information is extremely helpful to anyone who wants to feel better and know how to successfully deal with:
1) themselves
2) loved ones
3) business relationships
4) everyone they encounter

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