5 Minutes a Day To Happiness


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A Practical Workbook of Transformational Insights & Solutions for Healing.

Life is more fruitful, purposeful, and fulfilling when you have an ‘instruction manual” and a good “map.” Information and tools help you live life to the fullest and experience love, joy, abundance and inner peace,

These 101 truths and their related 1 page exercises can help you uproot negative thoughts and change them to positive ones. They can assist you to have a positive, loving attitude, and enjoy healthy, successful living.

(135 pages, spiral bound)

“5 Minutes a Day to Happiness is a magnificent tool for growth and clarity. I use the truths as a way to guide me back to my heart. The exercises are profound and move directly to the core of any issue and then out the other side with solutions and choices!! I highly recommend this book!”

Helene Rothschild’s heart, humor, compassion and caring are splashed throughout the book. She is truly¬† a gifted therapist and shares her wisdom with us, in yet another way.” Candance McGinnis, massage therapist and health care educator


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