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Short Term Effective Couple Therapy

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Short Term Couple Therapy

You can have a great relationship when you find out in couple therapy what issues are causing you disharmony, and how to solve them.

With 35 years of experience in couple therapy, Helene Rothschild can assist you, too, to have the successful relationship you desire and deserve with the following techniques:

  1. First you will be asked to answer 21 questions on her unique Relationship Check-up sheet.
  2. Then in 5 minutes, based on your answers, she will help you see your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. In the next process she will begin helping you to overcome your relationship problems.
  4. In the course of your couple therapy, you will receive empowering handouts including: how to communicate constructively, clear resentments, create win-win-problem solutions, deal with your fears and anger, and  understand  your partner and yourself.
  5. She will help you tell your truth in a loving way, and identify and value the ways you and your partner are different, and how you can you balance each other.
  6.  And much more!

Love is not enough! As Helene guides you in couple therapy to improve your communication and clear your resentments and anger constructively with  invaluable insights and solutions, you are likely to enjoy more emotional and physical intimacy.

You can prevent separation or a divorce, when you learn what it takes to have a long term healthy, fulfilling relationship.

You deserve a great relationship! Go for it!

To receive your 60 minute Couple Therapy session, kindly submit your payment and then contact Helene to schedule your appointment.
Call: 1-888-639-6390 or Contact Helene.

* 24 hour notice is required for a refund.

Note: If you have a cold, smoke or use perfume, kindly schedule a telephone session. Thank you. You may ask Helene for a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company. Kindly only share your concerns and goals during your session when she can be of assistance.






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