HART III Independent Study – Couples Therapy


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A Fun & Profound Independent Study
Pre-requisite: HART I & II




(Click here for Couples Therapy counseling with Helene Rothschild)

HART III,  Advanced Independent Study for Students

Learn the theory and techniques of HART Couples Therapy to help you and your clients enjoy healthy, successful relationships.

* Relationship Check-up * Process Vs Content * Therapeutic Interventions
* Clearing Resentments * Value Priortizing * Agreements * Constructive Communication * Creating Intimacy * And much more!

The investment in your personal and professional success, includes a manual, textbook, “How to Have A Loving Relationship,” and invaluable handouts for your clients, is $595 for the 12 hour transformational course.

You will also receive all the CDs to review from the last HART Couples Theraphy class, feedback for your 6 case studies, and a 30 minute consultation with Helene.

Helene’s insights and wisdom have helped me personally and professionally. I highly recommend her to anyone ready for a positive shift in their life.

Nina, L. -

The couples therapy class added a lot of tools to my toolbox for my clients, and helped me better understand my own process.

Beth, S. -

It was amazing!

Barry N. -

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