Help Me Grow Poster


8.5 x 11, laminated poster. Total of 11 lines of verse. See sample below.

Sequel to AS I GROW.

Poster $4.95 plus shipping and handling $3.00 = $7.95



This poster was published by two companies in the 1990’s and sold internationally. It is the sequel to the As I Grow poster and the messages are very important, too. It includes an important message about dealing with anger. Since the larger sizes are no longer available, I now have it in the smaller one.

Be consistent with me. Then I can trust your words and actions.
Comfort me when I’m scared or hurt. That will help me feel I’m okay even when I’m not feeling strong or happy.
Take responsibility for all your feelings and actions. That will teach me not to blame others and to take responsibility for my life.
Communicate what you feel hurt or frightened about when you’re angry at me. That helps me feel I’m a good person, and learn how to construcively deal with my feelings.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Thank you for hearing me.
I love you!


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