Awaken the Healer and Master Within!


4 Teleclasses mp3 audios




Awaken the Healer and Master Within

 Transformational  4 hours of  Teleclasses Mp3 audios

Are you ready to:

* Heighten your intuition, so that you can receive your wisdom and have more trust and faith.

* Be guided through empowering present and past life exercises, so that you can release your unconscious blocks, and live from your higher self in love and abundance, instead of fear and struggle.

* Enjoy more success in every area of your life, as well as improve your health and prevent disease and accidents.

* Awaken to who you are, remember your life mission, and make a difference.

* Learn how to give and receive healing energy.

* Understand how to clear and protect yourself.

* And much more!

Suggestion: Have a special notebook ready and call it: “I am an Awakened Healer & Master of My Life”

     “Helene’s Master Class is first-rate. She is the perfect teacher: gently supportive, and a great role model in that she mirrors unconditional love, as she teaches her students how to trust their intuition.” C.S.

    “The teleconference helped me overcome my blocks, so that I could be a leader and healer, listen to my intuition, connect to my Dharma, live from love, and accept an abundance. The class was balanced between Helene’s wisdom teachings, HART processes,  and time for questions and feedback. Thank you, Helene!” Bhavana

Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, LMFT,  is a Marriage and Family Therapist, spiritual teacher/healer, psychic, channel, author, and speaker. She offers in-person and international telephone sessions.

Her book, “Angel on Call, Pathways to Love and Enlightenment,” is highly recommended for the class. It is available as a hard copy or e-book on the website spiritual store.

Your investment for this empowering 4 hour Mp3 teleconference is only $20.98.

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