Parenting Basic E-Check-up/Questionnaire


Answer over 100 questions to identify your positive parenting skills and behaviors that can be improved so that you can be the successful parent you want to be.
13 pages.




Parenting is one of the most difficult tasks and responsibilities there is. Unfortunately, children are not born with instruction manuals and we are not taught in school how to parent.

Marriage, Family Therapist, Helene Rothschild, offers her invaluable information about successful parenting to the public that have helped her quickly and successfully counsel many families since 1980. These priceless E-Parenting Check-up/Questionnaires can help you find out how successful you are at parenting your child and discover the causes of the problems and the solutions. They can also help you prevent issues and become the best parent that you can be.

The information is extremely helpful to anyone who is:
1) a parent
2) a grandparent or relative
3) a guardian
4) working with children

You have your choice of ordering 2 versions of the the E-Parenting Check-up Report/Questionnaires:
1) Basic
2) Advanced

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