How to Have a Loving Relationship!


For Singles & Couples

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How to Have a Loving Relationship

Teleconference class for Singles & Couples

An invaluable 4 hours of  Mp3 audios

In this fun and profound telephone class, you will learn important insights and solutions to a loving, long term, healthy relationship. You will also be guided through empowering, healing HART processes to help you remove the blocks that cause relationship problems. The empowering communication tools are important keys to healthy relationships.

You can create and maintain the healthy, successful relationship you desire and deserve. Go for it!

“Thank you Helene for all the knowledge you shared in this teleconference, and your book, All You Need is HART! This was a wonderful class for me. I do feel more confident about communicating, especially with my partner. And I feel relief that these tools give me a way to express myself clearly and effectively in general.” Cynthia

Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, LMFT, is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist , intuitive counselor, workshop facilitator, speaker, and published author for over 30 years. She has helped many individuals and couples create loving relationships. Helene offers transformational, international telephone and in-person counseling sessions.

Your investment in your successful relationship is only $20.98

Your text book for the class is Helene’s book: All You Need is HART!
It is available as a hard copy or e-book on her website store.

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