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Training I & II: $1849 (plus bonus session) for 12 sessions & 6 books or CDs (cash or check only $1796)

Click here for Training I or II: $925 each for 6 sessions & 3 books or CDs  (Cash or check only $898)

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“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein




with Helene Rothschild, Master Spiritual Teacher/Healer, Psychic, Channel, Intuitive Counselor

Are you ready to be your true self, and awaken the spiritual master and healer within? Do you desire to live from love, fulfill your life missions in ease, grace, trust, and faith, and be healthier and happier? Then this fun, profound, life-changing personal training is for you! It includes healings from Helene’s loving, angelic guides from the light

The international Spiritual Master Training sessions are available long distance on Face time, Skype, etc., .or in-person in San Jose, CA. You go at your own pace and choose what you want to learn in each of your 6 one hour sessions, to be completed within 1 year.

“Helene healed old wounds for me and helped me to gain the skills to heal others. And she helped me to tune in to my intuition as a constant practice, which has, well, changed my life.” BP

Examples include (but not limited to) experiencing and learning how to:

Spiritual Master Training I, Basics
___ release fear based decisions and replace with positive, loving ones.
___awaken to who you are and your life mission–make a bigger difference.
___energetically clear and protect yourself and others.
___receive clear intuition so that you can live from clarity, love, trust, and faith.
___meet and channel your guides, including your guardian angel.
___heal negative past lives that block your mastership
___explore positive past lives and bring forward your past life gifts (soul retrieval).
___ balance your life with the 12 Pathways to Enlightenment.

Spiritual Master Training II, Advanced
___ benefit from automatic writing (receive a free journal)
___do psychic surgery and cut cords
___open to your psychic abilities; read people, animals and things.
___ scan your chakras and your entire body to heal physical problems and prevent disease.
___ do energy, sound, and emotional healing on others and yourself.
___guide stuck entities (ghosts) back to the light.
___ connect with deceased loved ones, including pets (as a medium).
___ fulfill your unique mission.

Each training includes: 6 private sessions with Helene at only $150 an hour (reg. $170)
And 3 CDs, MP3 audios, books, or e-books of your choice ($45 value).

Your investment in Awakening your Spiritual Master and Inner Healer is:

a) Spiritual Training 1 & 2, $1796 (+ bonus session) check/ cash ($1849 includes credit card fees)

b) Click here for Spiritual Training 1 or 2 separately, $898 each check /cash ($925 includes credit card fees)

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