Success E-Check-up/Questionnaire


Answering these 95 questions will help you discover beliefs that support your success. It will also uncover possible blocks that are unconsciously pushing away the very things you desire and deserve. 10 pages.

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Are you struggling in one or more areas of your life? Are you ready to be happy, slim, healthy, prosperous, in a loving relationship and successful career?

As Helene was counseling clients as a Marriage, Family Therapist, she discovered that many of them were unconsciously sabotaging their happiness, health, and success. One part of them wanted the loving relationship, a slim and healthy body, prosperity, and a successful career. However, another part of them was afraid of it.

Once she helped the men, women, and children identify their fears and release them, they allowed themselves to reach their personal and professional goals.

Note: The Success Check-up Report/Questionnaire is excerpted from her book,
“All You Need is HART! Create Love, Joy and Abundance ~ Now!”
A Unique Guide to Holistic And Rapid Transformation.

For more information go to: HART book

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