Angel On Call Reviews

Midwest Book Review by Richard R. Blake

“Angel on Call- Pathways to Love and Enlightenment”

by Helene Rothschild, Robert D. Reed Publishers

Enlightenment, Transformation, and Fulfillment

“Angel on Call” is Helene Rothschild’s story of commitment to service. She relates her journey on the path to enlightenment. She tells how she entered into a new level of consciousness as she ascertained the divine purpose for her life.

Helene’s story reveals how the courage to do what you truly want to do will enlarge your perspective, reduce your anxiety, provide a sense of freedom, and allow you to reach your full potential.

Helene relates how her personal journey into spiritual growth and healing took a new turn in 1976 when she moved to California with her young daughters and enrolled at Santa Clara University to pursue the Masters Degree program in counseling.

Years later, after experiencing a successful counseling career in the San Jose area Helene relocated to a community in Sedona, Arizona for a period of spiritual growth and healing. Here she was surrounded by people of like interests who were also dedicated to a life of divine service.

After ten years in Sedona, Helene was encouraged by the angelic beings to return to California, specifically to the Carmel valley. She expresses the steps in her angel trust walk and how she received instructions for this move. In the years that followed Helene has made several other moves in response to the angelic messages. Each of these moves, in turn, became another adventure in her spiritual journey.

Rothschild illustrates what she calls being used as one of God’s scribes. She talks about spirituality versus religion, cosmic partnership, cosmic mission, intergalactic Peace Corp, and twelve steps to enlightenment, the power of intuition, channeling and ghost busting. She includes excerpts from earlier writings including over 100 spiritual affirmations.

Rothschild’s writing is fresh, written with clarity, providing the reader with keys to finding enlightenment, transformation, and fulfillment. “Angel on Call” will be welcomed by those who read her earlier book “All You Need Is H A R T,” and by anyone seeking to discover and pursue a journey to a deeper life for gaining access to the path to spirituality, love and spiritual illumination.

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