Angel On Call Sample Chapter

“Angel on Call” – Pathways to Love and Enlightenment

by Helene Rothschild


Introduction: Commitment to Service

The dew was naturally watering the leaves and the colorful flowers; they seemed to sparkle in the rays of the sun. The cloudless sky was a beautiful shade of light blue. God truly has the most versatile and magnificent palette. My morning walk on the mountain road, one spring morning, was not unusual – except for the thoughts that were broadcasting in my head.

“I have to serve! I must be in service! If my loved ones threaten to disown me for following this path, so be it! With no hesitation, I would release them with love to go their own way, as I must go mine.”

At that moment, I made a conscious decision to turn my life over to service. Just as a rose is and can only be a rose, I am and can only be an angel on call. From every cell of my body, service became my reason for being, my intent, and my focus – serving for the sake of serving.

It is true that I was already committed to following my intuition and that I was helping people in many ways. I was also using the word ‘service’ instead of ‘work,’ as the former means that I am coming from love. In fact, I realized that people who were coming from love, no matter what they were doing, were healers in service. For example, I noticed how I felt better after a waitress or waiter served me with a warm smile.

However, focusing my life on lovingly assisting others was another level of commitment, and a deep inner peace and joy filled my heart and soul. There were no recent books, teachers, or workshops preceding this precious life-changing moment – although, all of the above helped me reach that place of clarity and make the decision to surrender to divine service. This was simply the moment it all came together in recognition — a time of awakening another level of consciousness — time that started a path of new adventures, way beyond what my mind could possibly know or conceive.

In 1991, the foothills of the Sierra Mountains in California, USA, were a wonderful place to be inspired. My one bedroom, 600 square foot hilltop cabin overlooked the beautiful rolling mountains and many shades of green-leaved trees. I created a “bedroom” in the loft at the top of a steep flight of stairs. This arrangement allowed me to have a downstairs office.

The two-block town, a former gold mining area flooded with prospectors in the earlier days, was now a sleepy place with some concrete remains of former store fronts.

I often returned from my walks with rocks filled with crystals. I heard that wherever there are crystals, gold is not far away and vice versa. Maybe that high energy place had something to do with my leap of consciousness and faith. Was I sent there to uncover my deeper life purpose?

Previously, I had been living and counseling in San Jose, California, the area known as Silicon Valley, which is an hour south of San Francisco. How I ended up in the mountains three hours east is another story which I will share in this book. Suffice it to say, it was all part of the divine plan.

How I arrived to devote my life to service and how it unfolded in the divine plan will be fun to share with you in this book. My goal is to offer you information to expand your horizons, awaken your courage to be all that you are, and to inspire you to reach your true potential.

I have included important clearing and protection information, helpful articles, and empowering excerpts from books that the angelic beings, which I consider to be God’s messengers, have written through me. They have helped me on my spiritual path, and they can also assist you. In the last chapters, you will find their loving channeled messages. Everything in this book is true, except for names of people, which have been changed to protect their privacy, and some of the places, to honor their sacredness. Enjoy the adventure–I certainly have!

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