“Angel On Call” – Pathways to Love and Enlightenment

by Helene Rothschild


Introduction: Conscious Awakening-Commitment to Service

Part I: Walk About with the Angels

Chapter 1: Latent Gifts

Chapter 2: Move to California

Chapter 3: Sedona Spiritual Adventures

Chapter 4: Angels on Vacation

Chapter 5: Surprise Relocation

Chapter 6: International Angel on Call

Chapter 7: The Journey Continues

Part II: One of God’s Scribes

Chapter 8: Spirituality Versus Religion

Chapter 9: Cosmic Partnership

Chapter 10: Cosmic Mission

Chapter 11: Intergalactic Peace Corp

Chapter 12: A Classical Walk-In

Chapter 13: Warrior Versus Spiritual Warrior

Chapter 14: Twelve Steps to Enlightenment

Chapter 15: Knowledge Verus Wisdom

Chapter 16: The Power of Your Intuition

Chapter 17: Clearing and Protecting Yourself

Chapter 18: Channeling: An Ecstatic Experience

Chapter 19: “Ghost Busting” With Love

Chapter 20: My Past Life Story:”It is Not Safe for Me to be Powerful and to Help People

Chapter 21: Sal’s Story:”I Have to Be Poor and Alone to Develop My Spirituality”

Chapter 22: Kate’s Story:”If I Am to Powerful, I Will Get Killed”

Chapter 23: Spiritual Affirmations

Part III: Messages From the Light

Chapter 24: Mission Possible

Chapter 25: Arcturians Speak

Chapter 26: Divine Messages: Mother Mary and Sananda

Appendix The Arcturians’ Orchestrated a Healing CD

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