Excerpts from Angel On Call

Sananda and Mother Mary’s Channeled Messages

Excerpts from Helene Rothschild’s

“Angel on Call- Pathways to Love and Enlightenment”

Chapter 26

Divine Messages: Mother Mary & Sananda (The Spirit of Jesus)

When I was preparing this book for the publisher, Mother Mary and Sananda asked me to allow them to channel their messages to you. It is always an honor and joy to bring though their divine love, light and wisdom. I realized that it was a wonderful last chapter, as we reinforce the divine truth and deepen your feelings of divine love.

As mentioned in the Channeling chapter, beings from the 8th dimension or higher have evolved beyond an individual spirit and speak in the “we” form.

I suggest that you open your heart and allow their healing love to flow deep inside of you. You deserve their love! Enjoy this elixir of life!

Message From Mother Mary

“Dear ones, we love you so much. All that you do is appreciated by us. All that you are, we divinely respect and honor. All that you think and feel is valuable for your consciousness and that of the planet. You make much more of a difference than you realize. Look not around you to be concerned about anything. Look up always and remember that we are always with you.

We love you unconditionally and will always support your divine life as well as your divine mission. We respect your courage to face your earth challenges which we see as opportunities for you to expand and reach deep inside of yourself to remember the truth. You are love and light. Only blocking that truth will cause you to be distant from your joy and happiness. Embrace your truth and you will experience magnificent joy that is immeasurable. Can you imagine that, dear one?”
~ Mother Mary

Message from Sananda (The Spirit of Jesus)

“Dear ones, we are with you. We have always been with you and always will. We never leave you. You are never alone. We have so much love for you that it could fill the entire galaxy and beyond. Feel our love, dear ones. Feel our divine presence. You are worthy of the light!

Allow the light to come down through you and then spread it with your outstretched arms to everyone and everything. That is who and what you are; that is healing and it is your power. That is the way to live in joy, harmony and peace. We ask that you question no more. Thank the mind for being concerned, and reassure it that you are safe and okay. You are a vibrant child of God. You are one with us. You are magnificent!”
~ Sananda

Readers have expressed that the complete messages are a treasure.

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