Metaphysical/Spiritual Events/Classes/Spiritual Master Trainings

with Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, LMFT

“Helene’s Spiritual Master Training Course is a gift beyond measure. Transformational, expansive, healing and powerful, the tools you will learn, and practice are life changing. Helene’s expertise is vast, and her guidance is loving and heart centered. I am so grateful to her for the gift of this amazing training. “

Lilly. -


Helene is an incredible healer and teacher. It’s been so heart warming to experience people healing at her events. I feel and see the changes in everyone. She is amazing!

Linda S. -

The psychic readings were great! With ease and grace, Helene offered us wisdom, clarity, transformational healing, and laughter. I loved it!

Bhavana Chawla -

Enjoy and benefit from her numerous spiritual, fun, transformational, healing workshops, classes and groups.

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Refund Policy: If you contact Helene 48 hours before the event, and no one was turned away, you will receive a credit for another event.

The “Awakening to Your Healing Gifts and Inner Masters” classes include how to: enhance your intuition by channeling your guides from the light; live in trust and faith, peace and love, ease and grace; be activated by Helene’s guides from the light; muscle test (Kinesiology);  be a Spiritual Warrior; send healing energy to others and yourself; clear and protect yourself; read deceased loved ones, auras, people, animals, and things (Psychometry); cut fear based cords and remove implants; clear ghosts; heal past lives and bring forward past life gifts (Soul Retrieval); experience enlightenment; read and clear chakras; give a spiritual hug; and remove past life and present life energy and objects out of bodies (Psychic Surgery).

The Master Class was amazing!  Helene’s loving energy set the stage for us to be activated by Divine love and healing energy in every class. I came away with wisdoms about love and following my intuition. And the opportunity to observe channeling, practice channeling, and channel with others opened me up in amazing ways.  I felt more at peace and relaxed after every class and the flow of my creativity has been amazing.  I look forward to taking Masters Class II.

Beverly M -

Since the Masters Class, I have trust & faith that my goals will manifest with success in perfect timing. I absolutely LOVE this new way of living. I feel confident that the ease, grace, and abundance, that I have been wishing for so long, are happening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Helene, for assisting in my growth.

Bhavana Chawla -

Helene’s Master Class is first-rate. She is the perfect teacher: gently supportive, and a great role model in that she mirrors unconditional love as she teaches her students how to trust their intuition and connection with the Universe.

CS -

Thank you for your teachings and your amazing classes. They have really been life changing for me.

MJ -

Since my guided healing session on board the Arcturian ship, I feel an overpowering sense of love and peace, a deepened connection to Mother Earth, and a knowing that I am safe. I am so grateful! I look forward to my next encounter with these loving beings. Thank you so much, Helene.

Georgina -

Many Thanks, Helene, for such a GREAT Healing Workshop. Your powerful words of encouragement and Self Healing helped me get rid of many fears I had about me, helping me Know who really Am I, and remember it once again.

Sally -

After you channeled Sananda’s powerful healing energy to all of us, he said that we are all healers. I imagined my granddaughter who was in the hospital for a month. Later I discovered that at the exact time we did the healing, her blood count returned to normal. It was a miracle! There are no words to express my gratitude.

Sharon -

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 Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, LMFT, is a Marriage & Family Therapist, speaker, workshop facilitator, and author for over 30 years. She is also an intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher/healer, and channel since 1987. Helene is a conduit of loving, healing energy and wisdom for numerous guides from the light. She also offers telephone and in-person healing sessions.