Inspirational, Empowering Spiritual Quotes by Helene Rothschild

“Focus each day, not on how much you accomplish, but on how much you express love and caring to others and yourself.”

“All people basically have the exact same needs. For example, we all need to feel safe, loved and appreciated. Therefore, we are all one big global family. That is why the word stranger is strange to me.”

“Nelson Mandela freed himself from pain, because he released his anger and fears and lived from forgiveness and love. He is a great model of what we can all do to be in peace and make a difference in the world. Thank you, Mandela for being such a great teacher for mankind.”

“Christmas reminds us to be kind, caring and generous with as many people as we can. Every day is an opportunity to live the Christmas spirit.”

“It is your birthright to be loved, healthy and prosperous! Go for it!”

“With every word you express and action you take, you are choosing to respond from love or fear, which are the only two basic emotions. When you set your intent to live and act from love, your life is amazing. Go for it!”

“It is not what you say, but how you say things that can make a difference. Say what you want, instead of what you don’t want, in a loving voice.”

“Stay in your peace and acceptance of all, and you will feel great. Stay in your joy and gratitude, and you will feel super.”

“There are only two basic emotions, love and fear. Fear is the cause of our problems and love is the solution. Love includes acceptance and compassion.”

“Be the person you want others to be. For example, if you want others to be more loving, then express loving words and act loving.”

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Look back only to learn from the past. Look forward to where you want to go and how you want to be, and live in the precious now.”

“Abundance is allowing myself to have all that I desire and all the goodness that life offers me.”

“Instead of trying to change others, focus on changing yourself. Ask yourself, “What can I do now to be more loving and communicate more constructively?”

“A key to happiness is to focus on and express your gratitude about everything and everyone in your life!”

“Dear God, Please help me …
Remember that you are always with me.
Accept that I ‘ m worthy of your love and support.
Understand that you love me no matter what I think, say or do.”

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