What Participants of Channeled Group & Individual Healings said:

I have experienced many people channel including, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Star Beings of Light. When Helene channeled Sananda, I was awed with tremendous loving energy and his gentle yet powerful presence. I have never felt such high frequency vibration. It was transformational for me because it strengthened my connection to the Source.

M.T., CA -

Helene’s energy is fabulous! Between her and the beings who came through to impart their message of love and support, the energy in the room vibrated at a very high rate. The first being to come through was Mother Mary. The second was Archangel Michael followed by Sananda. It was very interesting to feel how the energy shifted as each being came in to share their energy of divine love. Truly a blessing to all present.

Since my travel time was just over 2 hours and I live in the foothills, I was wondering if I really wanted to be driving home late at night. I got home at 11:30PM. The answer is YES! The energy of love was with me all the way home making it seem like I flew.

The other participants were very loving and supportive to each other. I think we all left feeling empowered by this energy of DIVINE LOVE! With the battering that we get each day from life in the 21st century it is wonderful to be a part of something so positive and empowering to all.

Cindy, October 22, 2009 -

I attended Helene’s “Channeled Group & Individual Healings, on Sept. 24th, 2009 in Campbell, CA, and was SO GLAD I did! I received SO MUCH MORE than I thought I ever would!”

Helene is focused, laser-like, and is immediately in the space to be of service to humanity! She gave a short bio of herself and her work; allowed someone to share about their experiences with her ‘Healing Sounds from Arcturus’ CD, then went straight onto 3 people in the room that needed physical healing — all that was done instantaneously!

Cynthia Makhoul, Fairfield, CA -

Then she went into channeling mode and Mother Mary came in. I was immediately emotional and felt so much love in the space and so much inner healing. You could have heard a pin drop in that stillness of love in the room. Then St. Germain came in and gave us the Violet Flame to release any and all our fears, negativity feelings in that moment. What a healing! And lastly, the Arcturians came in with more wonderful healings![/testimonial]

This experience was far beyond any I have ever had in my over 30 years of healing for myself and was done instantaneously! The love that was given is beyond words. I left after 1 1/2 hours (only that long and ended on time!) feeling energized and internally peaceful. I came the farthest, 2 hours away, and it was well worth the trip, in more ways than one![/testimonial]

Helene Rothschild “walks her talk” and is definitely an “angel-on-call”! I highly recommend her for 1:1 private consultation as she works just as fast, gets to the core and assists in healing whatever is present in the moment to heal any blocks that are there. She wastes no time! She lives in trust and faith with her angels/guides on a daily basis and it shows!”[/testimonial]

What participants of the Channeling Classes said:

I love the way Helene taught me how to channel. The way I learned before gave me a slight headache from time to time. But her way brings me so much comfort yet clear connection to the guides. She spent a lot of time clearing fears around channeling, which really helped me to have much clearer and more stable communication with the guides.

M.T., Spiritual Counselor, CA -

What Clients Have Said:

I got to experience Helene Rothschild’s brilliance. I cannot say enough how much her work has helped me – in EVERY way. The HART Therapy she created incorporates the psychological, spiritual, metaphysical and beyond! I’ve gone places and left behind old demons that I never would have imagined – and with great courage!

I am able now to stand in who I am with dignity and excitement! And I am diving into my brain and energy systems to clean out all unhealthy beliefs.

I also have a deeply renewed sense of the angelic realms and my deep sense of faith and trust in the Creator. How beautiful is that.

I believe ALL therapists as well as metaphysicians, healers, should study with her or at least read one of her books. That’s quite a statement for me to make and I mean it. She’s in the center of freedom and I know that is the call.

Carol S. -

Helene Rothschild is the finest healer I’ve worked with – and I’ve worked with many great healers. In her presence, one feels instantly safe, seen, felt and heard.
Because she is a trained Marriage & Family Therapist her analytical prowess is very attuned. She is also incredibly psychic and intuitive. This makes her a powerhouse.

But I think it is Helene’s deep belief in the life of the spirit that makes her the transformational healer that she is. Helene LIVES what she teaches. She is bright, grounded, compassionate, straight forward, funny, and very loving. Even though her work is steeped in metaphysics and energy healing, there is nothing woo-woo about her. She’s the real thing.

Helene is devoted, tenacious and very effective with her HART Therapy. She’s a healer’s healer. I recommend her to anyone who wants to connect fully to the Source and do the real work with joy and a renewed sense of wellbeing and gratitude.

Simone, spiritual catalyst, author of THE GODDESS OF 5TH AVENUE -

Helene’s Body Scan is a unique approach, and she is a fearless innovator who follows her inner guidance. It is an incredible experience of mind/heart healing and its connection with the body. Helene was my marriage/divorce counselor about 20 years ago and she truly turned my life around in the 8 weeks she counseled me.

Laurie Andreoni, DC, CA -

I LOVED our session. I feel, so freed up, so cleaned out, peaceful, adored, calm, alive, energetic, where before I was totally exhausted and carrying so much darkness and pain. I feel so much white light coming in to my body now, in addition to a golden force connecting me to Mother Earth and Father Sky. YES!!!! I feel thrilled to have you, Helene in my life. I now know that I have a kindred Spirit to go to when life gets to be too much. You have given me hope again! You are someone who could relate to me, ground me and assist me in living on this planet. Thank you!

K.M., CA -

After one session I was no longer diagnosed as early onset Parkinsons Disease. Thank you Helene also for helping me know and feel that I can be healed and strength can be gained from shedding old wounds and self-blame. You have great insight and understanding!

L.M., IN -

After a half hour session my bleeding hemmoroids were gone. Truly a miracle!”

J.T., AZ -

Your intuitive reading over the phone changed my life dramatically. I did move to Santa Fe, New Mexico to attend a school of Chinese Medicine. I love my new career!

Laurence Lebreton -

After our amazing session, I felt like I had received a heavy acupuncture treatment. I saw my Physical Therapist a few days later and she said that my muscles were more relaxed and my range of movement improved greatly. I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

M.B., CA -

Based on a blood test, the doctor was concerned about my liver. After you helped me clear my anger, my ultrasound came back perfectly normal.”

G.M., AZ -

After our wonderful session, I felt so super. Thank you! Spirit has entrusted you with such wonderful gifts. My hay fever was so bad that I was ready to go to the Emergency Room. But after the half hour phone session my sinuses felt better and the next day I could hear better that I have in a long, long time.

A.W., AK -

After the first half hour session with Helene, I awoke the next morning with my neck so strong that I stopped having to go to the chiropractor. After the second session, all my bones–my hands, feet and spine–were straightened out. It was a miracle! Thank you a million times.

S.F., CA -

Helene I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the many years you have touched my life, whether or not you know it. If I had not hit bottom during that disastrous divorce, I would never had the opportunity to meet you and develop the strength to crawl to the light that I now live in. I always remember your saying that you wanted to help as many people as possible in this lifetime – not only are you doing it directly, but indirectly through all of us that you have inspired.

Laurie A., CA -

What HART (Creative Therapy) Students Have Said:

As a spiritual counselor and healer, I have learned various modalities that deal with subconscious reprogramming. Although they provided me with the understanding about how the programmings affect us in all areas of our lives, the previous modalities were short of what I was looking for. As soon as I started to use Helene’s Hart Therapy in my practice, my clients started to experience the profound shifts in how they view themselves. It has been quite transformational. I know I have found the missing puzzle in healing.

M. T., CA -

I know of no other counseling system or technique where I could have accomplished so much in so little time.

Barbara S. -

Thank you for the tools to forge a life-long, loving relationship. That is truly the gift of a lifetime.

David K. -

You gave me the incentive I needed to take charge of my life and to make vital changes.

Alice P. -

Thank you for helping me find myself.

Bill C. -

I just spent the best year of my life. Thanks for the new beginning.

Dean F. -

Thank you for helping me re-own my power.

John P. -

My fears have been lifted in such a short time. I feel empowered.

Lisa J., Conn. -

My processes with you were enlightening, comforting and revealed much of my inner being to me. It was more than incredible; it was expanding. Bless you!

Judy K., WA -

Thank you for the tools to forge a life-long, loving relationship. That is truly a gift of a lifetime.

David K., N.Y. -

The techniques are easy to learn, and can be used for self benefit on many levels and to help loved ones. HART has enabled me to see myself clearly and thereby create what I want in my life.

Marsha Utigard, Mother -

What Therapists Have Said:

Our counseling staff have witnessed the ‘miracles’ that happen here everyday using your HART (Creative Therapy). One client said, ‘It feels like you just reached in me and took out all the pain’.” ~ Ann Cunningham, Assistant Director, Desert Canyon Treatment Center

HART has helped me integrate other therapies, theories and processes for the first time. I am working with my clients on a deeper, more effective level that ever before.

Steve S. -

Working through HART has given me a way to build rapport and trust rapidly with my clients. I enjoy guiding them through emotional blocks to increased awa “reness wherein they find their own answers.

Barrie O. -

I find it exciting using HART to help people. I find I too grow from the process as my clients reown their power and balance all four sides of their being; the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual.

Rayna E. -

What Therapists Have Said:

On Helene Rothschild’s book, “Free To Fly-Dare To Be A Success” …

Creative power…the authors wake up this powerful resource and show how effectively it can be used.

Virginia Satir, author of People Making and Making Contact -

If you want to root out self-defeating core beliefs that keep you from feeling successful in your life, you’ll benefit from Free To Fly–Dare To Be A Success.

Ken Keyes, Jr., author of Handbook to Higher Consciousness -

‘Free To Fly’ provides seekers a delightful choice of practical, inspiring and effective techniques toward healthier relationships and individual growth.

Assemblyman John Vasconcellos