Transformational Classes

Are you ready to  learn how to quickly identify and remove your blocks, so that you can be healthier, loved, happier and more successful in every area of your life?

Then learn empowering tools to help yourself and others in Helene’s fun and profound classes.

HART (Holistic And Rapid Transformation) is a process that Helene developed over 30 years ago. It helps you  to quickly resolve the causes of your issues. Helene is still excited about this wonderful, effective process, because she experiences tremendous success with her clients in a very short time.

Since she desires to empower people with the these important insights and solutions, Helene also offers classes and independent studies for anyone interested in healing.

Therapists love this process because it is a unique, heart and client centered, humanistic, holistic, therapeutic model. Therapists often say, “The HART process assists me to move my clients in a much deeper and faster way then any other process I have ever learned.”

If you ready to take control of your life,  be all that you are, and learn effective, empowering healing techniques, then check out the classes and independent studies.

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